The Finest Model RR Tunnels available ONLY here!
Use them as a starter (with our other products) to build your layout.
(Many fine photographic examples shown on our website.)

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Made from plastic resin so they are "rock-solid." 

Welcome to Model Railroad Tunnels! Tired of those cheap, lightweight tunnels that seem so out of place on your layout? Wishing for big, rocky mountains to make your model railroad look more more realistic but you just don't have the time or maybe the skills to create something from scratch?

We have the solution: realistic-looking rock formations, both with and without tunnels.

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Model Railroad Tunnels products are now also available from Amazon ( and eBay (

HO-scale/N-scale/Z-scale Tunnels

We have NINE unique tunnels now! The Rockies, the Cumberlands, and the Collins-design tunnels, in both HO-scale and N-scale versions, are now in stock. Both scale tunnels can do double-duty: the N-scale tunnel will also accomodate double-track Z-scale, and the HO-scale tunnel will handle double-track N-scale

We also have the Craggy Peak,  Craggy Summit, and Craggy Range. These can all work as either N-scale tunnels, Z-scale tunnels, or as mountains suitable for all scales to enhance your layout scenery. 


Image of NMRA S-7 modern standards diagram

These tunnels create the look of a realistic rock formation but without the weight of real rocks. Because they are made for plastic resin, they weigh very little, making them easy to move and position exactly as you want, yet they are solid enough to stay where placed. Using molded resin also provides exceptional detail with realistic texture and a convincing, natural color. 

Image of NMRA S-7 modern standards diagramSome of our customers have remarked that they were not aware of how solid and well made our tunnels were. It's not obvious from the above and eye-level photos. They were surprised when they picked one up and found that they are not just a shell as they thought. So here's a photo of one of our Collins-design tunnels from the bottom showing just how sturdy and solid they are.

All of our tunnel portal holes are cut to exceed NMRA S-7 Modern standards for the applicable scale.